Learning objectives: The work of the scenographer, in the modern show industry, requires a more and more specific professionalism, adequate to the requests of a qualification not only cultural but also complete and exhaustive technique. A managerial mentality is also required of the person responsible for setting up a show or a film. The choice of the collaborators, the direction of numerous technical staff, the organization of tenders between the scenography laboratories, the management of the available budgets, make the author of the scenography more and more accept responsibility that sometimes can they seem very little similar to their role but which then become decisive for obtaining good artistic results. The aim of the three-year Scenography is to provide the basic tools and skills, through which each student will be equipped with the minimum knowledge of the different scenographic sectors. The students will study the methods of designing the scenographic sketches and the executive design, with particular reference to the theatrical scenography, and with hints to the television and film, to the preparation techniques related to advertising and window dressing. The courses also aim to achieve technical knowledge on the use of materials for the implementation of projects, interventions in the area, environmental works, as well as to develop the study and research on visual artistic languages.
Employment prospects: Graduates of the course will be able to carry out professional activities in the various public and private fields of theatrical, cinematographic and television scenography, of stage set-ups, of show costume and of set-ups related to advertising and window dressing. These activities can be developed both as designers and as set designers.

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