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The didactic research of the Academy of Fine Arts “KANDINSKIJ” in Trapani is a clear example of the art lived as a poetic and educational tool, as didactic of the liberation of man.
Creativity is the only means by which Man can conquer his freedom and the artist is actively engaged in the metamorphosis of the social structure into an organism that generates creativity free of any form of oppression.
Art as a poetic experience transfigures the Universe.
The imaginative, in the search for the emotional theorem of one’s living space, is the microcosm in which the creative power of the artist flows for its realizing manifestation, retracing the fascinating paths of the clear awareness that only Art can open the way to the its place of origin.
Art has the task of creating the conditions for a deep contact, without being captured by the object or by the external beauty:
beautiful is what derives from an inner psychic need. Beautiful is what is interiorly beautiful.
The spirit of the artist wanders, carried by these images that enchant him and leave him just the time to blow on the fire of his fingers the emotion of a transfer brush.
The infinitely large and the infinitely small meet in the immense richness of the VIVA ARTE incarnated in the Kandinsky Academy of Fine Arts of Trapani, which opens its arms to the ever present Art Universe of all time…
The Accademia di Belle Arti “Kandinskij” in Trapani has the following courses (not completed list): painting, sculpture, decoration, scenography, restoration. Each course has a undergraduated course (3 years) and a post-graduated level (2 years).

Prof. Silvia Guaiana

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