Cultural Heritage


Learning objectives: The course is aimed at the preparation of competent figures in all the activities of enhancement, study, filing and presentation to the public complementary to the protection made by superintendences, foundations, museums of different institutional nature and active both in the preservation of the historical heritage as well as in the landscape and contemporary art. In fact, while the degree courses in Cultural Heritage of the universities form the scientific staff responsible for the protection, in this academic diploma course are formed professionals who, having acquired theoretical knowledge as design and method skills, are able to intervene with capacity and specific preparation in all activities and projects aimed at improving the use, understanding and culture related to the archaeological, historical, artistic, architectural and landscape heritage.
In particular, students will have to acquire:
1) an adequate knowledge, from a theoretical, historical and normative point of view, of the cultural heritage as a whole and its various components;
2) a general knowledge of the processes of valorization applied to the individual components of the cultural heritage;
3) the creative skills and technical skills necessary for the development of projects, even complex ones, in the various fields of valorisation.
Employment prospects: Graduates can act in the specific field of enhancement both as freelancers with proposals for activities and projects aimed at all public entities which are responsible for the enhancement of cultural heritage, and as employees or consultants of culture, tourism, environmental quality of life and education of regions, provinces and municipalities, both as designers of exhibitions, museum installations, routes in the territory, and as collaborators of foundations and private entities, specialized publishing houses, companies for the organization of cultural events.

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